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Have you found that quality woodworker to create the kitchen or bath cabinetry, dining set, or bowl
you always wanted? Vermont WoodNet members have the skills and experience to create a vast array
of wood products out of high quality, sustainably produced Vermont hardwoods. Our members
include fine furniture and cabinet makers, educators, foresters, loggers, sawyers, and wood turners.
If you need something involving wood, our membership can skillfully meet your needs. Vermont WoodNet is here to help !

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Need help with your latest woodworking project, or want to ask a question about woodworking? Check out the new Vermont Woodnet Blog Page !


Did you know that this colorful little bug may make trouble for Major League Baseball ?

The cute little insect you see above is an Emerald Ash Borer. This insect is an exotic beetle that has been killing ash trees in North America. Native to China, eastern Russia, Japan, and Korea, it was found near Detroit in 2002. Unfortunately it is devestating Ash trees all along the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and so far, no effective insecticide or treatment has been found to combat it's spread. Ash is a beautiful and amazingly strong hardwood. Ash is one of the preferred woods used in making baseball bats ! To learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer click here to view an informative article about its effects which appeared in our latest Newsletter.

The Vermont Statehouse Project



The table, podium and bowl in the VT Governor's Conference Room were created by 29 members of Vermont Woodnet using wood from the last American Elm tree removed from the lawn of the Vermont State Capital. The State of Vermont has asked Vermont Woodnet to design and create new chairs to complement this table. Several new chair designs have been submitted to the state for approval. Each chair will be built by a woodworker from each of Vermont's fourteen counties.

Skills USA and VT Woodnet

Each year Vt  WoodNet takes part in the Skills USA competition held at Camp Johnson in Colchester, Vermont.  High school students from around the state compete  in over 50 categories which include CAD, cosmetology, public speaking, aviation maintenance, welding, auto mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, wiring, cabinet building, etc. Winners of the Vermont competitions move on to the national convention held each year in Kansan City, Missouri.This year’s VT competition will be held on April 3rd and 4th. For the past 8 years, VT WoodNet has sponsored the Vermont cabinet building competition. WoodNnet members create the cabinet design, pre-cut parts, and donate the materials needed along with local businesses.  We are proud to be a part of Skills USA and we will continue to promote woodworking to the youth of Vermont.

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What we do

Vermont WoodNet addresses the needs of the Vermont woodworking community by maintaining a network of communications, creating and sponsoring educational programs, workshops and symposiums, providing FSC certification assistance, and generally expanding opportunities for all those involved in the creation of “Vermont Made” products. One of our primary goals is the sustainability of forest resources, and the maintenance of a healthy environment.

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